Designed a Notion Workspace
I worked with Optemization to deliver a scalable Notion workspace for Stader Labs.

Goals and Objectives

🎯 Break down strategic sync meetings into organized projects with async tasks.

🎯 Unify projects across Stader into a singular startup roadmap to track progress.

🎯 Turn Notion into Stader's single source of truth for documentation to better align remote team members.


βœ… Visualize workspace information architecture.

βœ… Customized workflows adhering to SCRUM and Agile methodologies.

βœ… Written and video documentation.

βœ… Customized Notion workspace powered by relational databases.


β€œThanks for your work on Stader OS!!! the team loves it, especially the workspace walkthrough doc. It’s been great working with you.” – Vamshi, Product Manager, Stader Labs